Comment Moderation Tweaks

Comment moderation tools are very helpful in keeping the standards of your online communities up, but there are some comment moderation tweaks you should consider. You can optimize your comment moderation strategy to target specific comments and words by using comment moderation rules. Here are some content moderation tweaks to consider:

To properly implement these changes, you have to learn the comment moderation tool inside and out. Take time to learn how comment moderation can be applied to your comments section – you might find more ways to implement a more effective method of comment moderation.

When a comment moderation tool flags a comment saying it does not meet the standards of a community, it is very difficult for an automated system to determine what kind of comment was being published. Some comments might be offensive or dangerous while other content can just be written from a bad perspective. A comment moderation tool might be wrong about the content it flags, so comment moderators have to review content and manually approve or remove content flagged by the comment moderation tool.